Below you will find our constant range of products that we sell all year round, we also have additional seasonal items that are available at our markets during the appropriate season's. 

These include- Blackberry jam, Raspberry Jam and Cranberry Sauce

Our fresh and zingy marmalade is made with oranges, lemons and limes. By combining the whole fruit only the addition of sugar is required making it the perfect thick cut marmalade. 


Tomatos, chillis and garlic along with coriander and mustard seeds combine to make one of our orginal and most popular chutneys. By allowing the chutney to simmer low and slow it allows for the perfect sweet and spice flavour.  

Our Piri Piri sauce contains garlic and lime to make it super fresh, with the addition of home grown capsicum chilli's to give it some heat. Our Piri Piri is versatile as can be used as not only a sauce but also a marinade.

Our hot chilli sauce is made with homegrown naga chilli's. Its perfect to add an extra kick to any dish. This item really delivers some heat without becoming overpowering. 


Our Chilli jam is the perfect combination of sweet, sour and spice. It has multiple uses and is a must store cupboard staple. 


Slow cooked red onions combined with red wine and balsamic vinegars, dark brown sugar and whole grain mustard make for a really sweet and sticky chutney. 

Packed with zesty lemons combined with sugar, butter and eggs our lemon curd is creamy, luscious and a real treat. One jar will not be enough.

Teaming up with a local producer based in Shurdington Gloucestershire the honey is the perfect balance of floral and sweet notes.


Made exactly the same as our tomato and chilli chutney but roasted sweet red peppers replace the chilli's for a mild but still full of flavour chutney. 


A nod to days gone by. Our piccalilli combines courgette, shallots, cauliflower and green beans combined in a tangy mustard sauce. The infamous colour is created with mustard powder and tumeric.